The Pancake Parlour

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade has made The Pancake Parlour more dynamic and has succeeded in giving us more flexibility. In the past we weren’t able to export our data into Excel, whereas now we can export any report we run into Excel, massage the data and produce reports that are meaningful and relevant to our restaurant managers and our line managers. It has also given us the ability to customise our financial reports. Previously, we had to spend thousands of dollars for a consultant to rewrite those reports, so it’s given us that flexibility and saved us time and money too. My staff believe that it’s easier to use the system and easy to navigate their way around the system with more shortcuts. It’s been a good move for us, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the decision we made to move to EBS, love working with the guys, and the support’s excellent. EBS is agile, nimble and eager to please, so you feel like you’ve got that support behind you.”