EBS supports The Pancake Parlour on International Pancake Day

EBS was proud to support The Pancake Parlour and Melbourne’s The Big Umbrella foundation on International Pancake Day 2015.


EBS and Pancake Parlour

Last week, on International Pancake Day, the EBS Team had a great lunch at The Pancake Parlour in Doncaster, to support them in their effort to raise funds for The Big Umbrella.

The Pancake Parlour restaurants will donate $1 to The Big Umbrella from every Regular Pancake Stack sold that day. These much-needed funds will help The Big Umbrella’s A Real Meal program provide food to Melbourne’s homeless.

The Pancake Parlour’s team will continue the cause by volunteering with the A Real Meal program at Flinders Street Station to feed pancakes, soup and bakery goods to more than 300 people each week.

Simon Meadmore, CEO of The Pancake Parlour, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for our restaurants to continue to give back to the community and celebrate the spirit of family and friendship. We are very excited to be part of the A Real Meal program.” During the month of February, donation tins will be available at The Pancake Parlour restaurants to help raise funds for The Big Umbrella. Read more here

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