Dan Argus, Senior ERP Consultant, explains how he solved a client’s reporting problem

Recently a client was looking for a way to view a snapshot of their current financial situation in real time.  They also wanted to schedule a report for distribution to various board members and they wanted to be able to adjust and revise the report themselves without having to necessarily contact us for assistance.

Being a Certified Jet Reports 2012 specialist, I knew that using Jet Reports would be the perfect solution for the client.

Jet Reports is a powerful reporting solution configured for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving users a simple way to create powerful reports with advanced features for scheduling and automatic distribution. Microsoft have recently included Jet Reports Express (a selection of pre-formatted reports) free with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

If you are familiar with using Microsoft Excel, you can immediately start using Jet Reports to create great reports with all the rich functionality of Microsoft Excel, with no time intensive training necessary. Jet Reports comes with a suite of reports that can easily be applied to any company database.

Using my client’s NAV database I was able to produce a report that gave them access to real time financial data. With just one click they can now get a simple view of the data for fast analysis.

I also set up this report to automatically update and be distributed on a monthly basis to members of the board without the need for manual intervention.

This solution will hopefully help to prevent missing any deadlines in the future!

By Dan Argus, EBS Senior ERP Consultant


Watch a video for an Introduction to Jet Reports (USA):


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